Gain control over your buildings’ energy efficiency and meet strict EPC demands

While the UK has pulled the brakes on stricter EPC legislations for now, that probably won’t be the case for long. Policies can shift, but climate change is going nowhere. Landlords with energy efficient buildings will always be in the best position to attract tenants and investors.

Real estate businesses seeking to meet the escalating Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) requirements, and avoid unnecessary financial setbacks, need accurate and reliable energy data. Effective from April 2023, no tenants are allowed to move into or continue renting buildings rated ‘F’ or ‘G’, with even stricter regulations expected to be enforced later. Fortunately, Metry’s high-quality energy data can help property owners, managers, and asset managers turn their buildings’ energy consumption into a business opportunity. 

Turning setbacks into opportunities is in our Swedish roots

According to a research conducted by Handelsbanken, 95% of commercial landlords will need to make improvements to their properties in order to meet the EPC legislation changes in the coming years. These improvements include installing insulation (30%), double glazing (27%) and an energy efficient boiler (26%). The investment cost is expected to be around  £100,000, or 3% of the portfolio value, while the need is particularly acute in city office and retail spaces.

Without doubt, for real estate businesses, navigating these legal requirements entails complexity and substantial cost. At Metry, however, our hearts give an extra beat whenever we see a more stringent energy-efficiency standard. Why? For over a decade, our reliable energy data collection has empowered our customers to make the most of growing demands.

Collecting energy data for EPC is just the beginning

All new tenancies of privately rented property would have to attain a certificate of at least ‘C’ by 2025; and by 2028, the same rule would apply to all existing tenancies of privately rented estates. But recently, the UK government has taken the decision to scrap the planned EPC requirements. 

While the UK has pulled the brakes on stricter EPC legislations for now, that probably won’t be the case for long. Policies can shift, but climate change is going nowhere. A forward-thinking landlord recognises the benefits of energy savings for both their cash-flow and the future of the planet. Moreover, it is no secret that policies change, and more sustainable properties have proven to be attractive for tenants.

So, how can property owners and managers use data collection to gear up the property portfolio, get a higher EPC rating – and continue earning money? 

Automate your energy data collection

Metry’s energy data collection will provide you with reliable and timely energy data in order for you to take stock of your property portfolio’s energy efficiency and identify those buildings that do not meet the legal requirements. For landlords seeking to step up their game with a more detailed data collection, and have installed, or are planning to install, their own meters in their real estate properties, Metry offers the capability to collect data from these sources as well. The sources we work with include smart meters and metering gateways, locally installed and cloud-based SCADA/BAC-systems, cloud-based energy management systems, solar panel inverters and cloud platforms, and charging station suppliers.

Ready for the new green deals?

Access to accurate energy data and monitoring your buildings’ energy efficiency is equally important for asset managers. We understand that securing capital funding is no longer a matter of if the business is sustainable or not, but rather how energy efficient the estates are and the action plans in place to meet the evolving standards. The so-called green bank loans with favourable interest rates have been a reality for some time now. 

Since both bank officials and capital investors demand data with history, our platform has incorporated a dedicated component for validation and ensuring traceability of presented data. Although energy performance certificates are valid for 10 years, neither your bank nor your investors will want to wait a decade for an updated certificate. Automated flow in your energy collection system is exactly the solution to get a regular overview of your properties’ current performance.

Owners and managers of large accounts will particularly appreciate the consistent data structure in meter inventory in our user portal. Users can create tree structures with categories such as property types, geographical locations and responsible parties. This provides our customers with unique data sets that can be used to discuss goal-setting and financial plans, instead of wondering where the data comes from. Our friendly staff are readily available to show you around our user portal!

Accurate energy data unlocks numerous business benefits 

The ability to work with timely and precise energy data holds a great business potential especially for large estate owners. Firstly, our customer Vasakronan, who owns and manages office and retail properties in Sweden’s largest cities, reported remarkable energy savings of as much as 61% thanks to an increased energy efficiency of their buildings. Secondly, understanding the energy efficiency of your portfolio presents an opportunity to invest in such measures that will help you avoid stranded assets later in 2025 and 2028.

Setting energy efficiency goals is, of course, your responsibility. At Metry, we are here to provide the reliable, high-quality energy data you need to make informed decisions. Whether it’s preparing a report for capital investors or applying for a green bank loan, you can count on us to deliver the data you need to drive your business forward. Once you gain control over your buildings’ energy efficiency, you unlock a number of business benefits, including savings on your energy bills and averting stranded assets.