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Many consultancies are grappling with challenges in energy data collection – from clients struggling to provide timely data or complete datasets, to managing an overwhelming amount of data. But the ordeal of data collection can become a seamless operation.

In the ever-evolving landscape of sustainability and ESG reporting, carbon consultants are emerging as pivotal players in guiding businesses towards a net-zero future. At the heart of this transformation lies the crucial task of collecting high-quality energy data, a challenge that can make or break a consultancy’s sustainability endeavours. This is where Metry steps in, simplifying the way carbon consultants and their clients approach energy data collection, ESG reporting, and the journey to net-zero.

The quest for net-zero starts with data

Carbon consultants bear a significant responsibility –  to help asset managers and property owners chart a course to net-zero emissions. In this endeavour, collecting and understanding energy consumption becomes paramount.

As you know, ESG reporting calls for meticulous tracking of scope data – an intricate process that, if not managed effectively, can impede progress towards sustainability goals.

Many consultancies have found themselves grappling with challenges in energy data collection. These challenges range from clients struggling to provide timely data or complete datasets, to managing an overwhelming amount of data. For consultants, this isn’t merely a technical hurdle but a roadblock that hampers their ability to deliver value to clients efficiently. 

That’s where we come in.

Offer more by offloading the task of collecting data

The ordeal of data collection can become a seamless operation. Our technology simplifies the process by automatically collecting and quality-assuring the energy data you need. This leaves consultants with more time to focus on strategies and insights that truly drive sustainability transformations. Our platform offers a solution that benefits both consultants and their clients, ensuring a smoother transition to sustainable practices.

By leveraging Metry’s energy data collection service, consultants can enhance their offerings, improve data accuracy, and provide clients with a stronger value proposition.

Whether carbon consultants opt to integrate Metry within their service portfolio or guide their clients to set up their data collection directly, the result is a unified march towards net-zero aspirations. The collaboration between Metry, consultants, and their clients forms a win-win relationship where data-driven decisions enable sustainability.


We’re here to help you improve your sustainability offer

The path to a sustainable world requires collective action and transformative solutions. With Metry as your ally, the road to net-zero becomes not just attainable, but efficient and impactful. We’ll help you with the data collection, so that you can focus on your core offer.

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