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Energy Efficiency Is a Must For Solving The Ongoing Climate Crisis

Sweden and the rest of the world are experiencing a wave of green initiatives - from Greta Thunberg to 11 000 climate scientist warning the public about climate change, or the introduction of climate science in Italian schools. On a high level, we are all aware that we are no longer facing a climate crisis – we are in the middle of one. The question remains – how do we solve our problems?
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The Swedish co-ordinator for a fossil-fuel-free Sweden, Svante Axelsson, states that Sweden has sufficient status in the rest of the world to act as an example in the transformation of the usage of fossil fuels, despite being a size-wise modest country. If Sweden, together with the EU, can show that prosperity increases (yes, evolution is still money-driven) by changing the country’s consumption of fossil fuels, this might potentially set off a race out of the fossil fuel society. Axelsson also emphasizes the fact that, for example, German regulations made solar cell prices drop and that thanks to requests from California, we use electric cars to a greater extent than before.

Companies are leading the way

Axelsson argues that we need to address climate problems on a political level. Meanwhile, he points out that many companies are at the forefront of the transition. Whether or not companies should interfere with politics is left to another article, but the fact that the corporate world has already begun to act is a considerably positive outcome.

Swedish news recently reported that several companies in Örebro County, including Utility company Linde Energi, are making efforts to become more bicycle-friendly by encouraging their employees to take their bikes to work.

Don’t get me wrong, all activities aiming at changing the world to the better are good. Bicycle initiatives, sorting your trash or switching to a vegetarian diet will take us a few steps along the way. Yet, one fact remains: Buildings consume around 40% of the world’s energy.

Transparency will result in more energy-efficient buildings

At Metry, we collect and structuring energy data from buildings – a business that might feel far from climate disasters or the reduction of fossil fuels. However, as an aggregator of energy data, we observe a distinct parallel between knowing your energy consumption and the opportunities for buildings to become more energy-efficient. United Nations state that with existing technology, buildings worldwide could reduce their energy consumption with 30-80%, but the work is hampered by a lack of structure and transparency in energy consumption. In short, it’s challenging to get a clear picture of what needs to be changed to reduce energy expenditure in a building. Silo-placed data makes it challenging to create a holistic view of building stocks and produces a complexity that affects budgeting (yep, still money-driven to some extent), sustainability reporting, billing and the possibilities for energy tax reduction.

We are reasonably confident that all 11,000 researchers in Bioscenic’s latest report declaring the climate crisis as a fact, are right in one way or another. We also believe that un-complicated collection of energy statistics that counteract unstructured and silo-placed data is part of an ecosystem working for more energy-efficient buildings and more climate-friendly societies.

So yes, we collect energy data. We also aim at saving the world.

Julia Sjövall · Nov 27, 2019

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