Magnus Hornef and Joel Torkelsson, founders of Metry

Metry raises 32 MSEK for continued growth

Right before summer vacation, it was finalised; Metry has raised 32 MSEK with Fairpoint Capital as lead investor. Now, the sight is set at accelerating growth and reducing the world’s CO₂ emissions produced by the real estate sector.

Since Metry was founded in 2012, the goal has been clear: helping the world become more energy efficient. Today, more than a third of Sweden’s largest real estate companies use Metry, and the sight has been steadily set at international expansion. Now, the time has come and with the new investment Metry is ready to make buildings all over the world more energy efficient. So what happens now?

In Sweden, we will make it easy to get even better at energy efficiency. In the world, we will make it easy to start. ⚡️

Easy to start – the world needs to speed up 🐢

The investment and Metry’s global expansion times perfectly with the latest IPCC report; the global real estate industry has started to realize how pressing the climate crisis is. As of now, the main driver of validated energy data is ESG reporting and green investments, but continuous long term work to save energy will become more and more common as the industry matures.

The first step for property owners worldwide is to start reporting. Once they’ve started with that, they will want to improve their ratings, and they will want to make that process as easy as possible. Metry is the actor that makes it easy. We have all the pieces to the puzzle and we know what technologies will work.” – Magnus Hornef, CEO and co-founder of Metry.

Data is knowledge. Once property owners worldwide have access to their energy data, they will be able to see what impact they actually have on reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. This is how Metry will help save the planet.

Easy to get even better – Swedish property owners are role models 🌟

In Sweden we will continue to grow and refine Metry’s offer. The question of high data quality has become increasingly more important to our customers, and we will deliver that to them. Among other things, we will focus on developing our products for more detailed measuring (for example sub metering and individual metering), and develop our network of partners. Simply put: we will make it easier to be even better at energy efficiency.

Swedish property owners are industry leaders in sustainability. They have high expectations on the data we collect, and they utilize it well. We, our customers and our partners have a wide range of knowledge and we always aim high. We will continue to be the role models that the global industry can learn from.

We come from a country that’s very progressive when it comes to energy efficiency, and Metry is an important part of that progress – Swedish real estate companies wouldn’t have come that far without the data we collect.” – Magnus Hornef, Metry CEO.

We will continue to build something that’s sustainable for both the business and the planet. 🍀

Energy saving is a vast market 💡

Fairpoint Capital has an impressive track record; they have invested in multiple tech companies, and virtually all of them have been successful. Their investment focus is unique technologies and business models that are highly scalable with strong growth drivers – and Metry fits that description to a tee! Energy saving is a vast market and real estate is one of the highest potential sectors.

The Metry team has clearly shown that they create value for property owners and some of the largest real estate companies and funds in the world benefit greatly from their services. This is an opportunity that fits very well with our investment focus, and we believe there is a large market opportunity for Metry. We at Fairpoint Capital are excited to join the Metry team on this journey and further expand the business internationally. We look forward to contributing to Metry’s future development.” – Ulf Lewander, Investment Director at Fairpoint Capital.

All hands on deck, more hands on deck. 🤹‍♀️

The Metry team is growing 🌱

To be able to deliver better and faster data collection, both globally and locally, we will need to expand our team of engaged and skilled coworkers. Mainly, it’s our Data Collection team that will be growing and we’re already looking for more developers to help us improve and maintain our core business.

We work together towards a common goal, and when the company wins, our team members should too. Therefore, 8% of the company will now be given to our employees in the form of stock options.

We want to find people who are passionate about the issue and who wants to be a part of the solution.” – Magnus Hornef, Metry CEO.

We’ve come a long way, but this is just the beginning. We will make the buildings of the world energy efficient (and save the planet), one data point at a time.

About Fairpoint Capital

Fairpoint Capital is a B2B technology investment fund. We leverage on more than two decades of technology venture capital investments. Our investment focus is unique technologies and business models that are highly scalable. Preferably the products address global markets with strong growth drivers. Investments are focused towards the Nordic region.

About Metry

Metry digitises energy data and helps real estate companies become more energy efficient. Buildings still consume 40% of the world’s energy. Structure, aggregation of data and transparency in the energy consumption of a building stock unlock better decision-making and enable investments that make a difference.