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Utility Data From Energy Companies

Collect utility data from all your customer pages at various energy companies and use file imports to ensure quality. All information is quickly and securely transferred to the Metry portal and structured.

Collection from customer pages

Metry integrates with energy companies’ websites to collect utility data from your login. You no longer have to log in to retrieve values every month; we take care of that bit.

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Collection via file import

If your energy company offers additional data exports, we can complement your data aggregation using file imports. Metry handles all commonly used file formats such as EDIEL, FTP, HTTP and SMTP.

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Cost collection from invoices

We offer collection of data for all your energy costs by automatically reading off information from your PDF invoices or importing files from your billing system. Gain full insight of how your costs for energy correlates with your energy usage.

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Regionfastigheter Jönköping quality assures data and minimises the risk of statistical errors

“Having everything gathered in one place is a great help and we see a potential to simplify monitoring and administration and thereby reduce costs.”

Sten Eliason, Energy Engineer at Regionfastigheter, Region Jönköping