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Data sources

Automatically collect and aggregate real estate data from your building stock. With multiple ways of collecting data, we can ensure that you get high-quality data for all your needs.

Utility data from energy companies

Collect electricity, water, heat and more directly from your energy companies’ websites and via file imports. A redundant collection ensures that you get all the data you need.

Remote Meter Readings

Collect building data from your existing smart/connected meters. No new installations of hardware are required.

Manually Read Meters

Do your manual meter collection with the Metry readings app. Easily manage users and set up collection windows.

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Catena Are Able to Identify Bolting Consumption

The biggest advantages are in having access to the right information faster than before and the ability to identify bolting consumption more easily, which simplifies monitoring and saves time.”
Richard Wahlberg, Energy and Technology Developer at Catena

Profile picture on Richard Wahlberg with Catenas logotype in the foreground