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About Metry

Access to energy data serves as a bottleneck when real estate companies are trying to save energy and money. Metry has developed an easy way to collect and compile data from utility companies, millions of smart meters and analogue meters.

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The Business Idea

Today we are 31 employees and our customer base consists of Sweden’s largest real estate companies, as well as international companies. Nevertheless, we started out with selling apps to utility companies. That didn’t last for long, and the focus quickly shifted from apps to providing real estate companies with a holistic view of their energy consumption.

From Chalmers to Sweden’s Biggest Real Estate Companies

During May 2011, Chalmers Entrepreneurs School paired up Joel Torkelsson and Magnus Hornef. In the late autumn of 2012, the duo built their first utility robot for collecting data values from a utility company in Borås, Sweden. Two years later Metry got its first employee (who’s still in the company!), and in 2015 things kicked off when we acquired Sweden’s largest real estate company, Vasakronan, as a customer.

Joel Torkelsson and Magnus Hornef the founders of Metry
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Creating an Energy Efficient World

Today, more than a third of the largest real estate companies in Sweden use Metry, and international expansion with the end goal of making the world more energy efficient is moving along steadily.

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