Webinar on demand

Data-driven sustainability management: improving energy efficiency

Join us for an insightful webinar where we dive into the intersection of sustainability reporting and energy data collection.

Webinar on demand

Energy reporting made easy

Together with B3, experts in AI, RPA, BI and analytics, we give you a dynamic session that showcases how you can streamline your sustainability efforts, with focus on improving energy efficiency. If you’re looking to simplify reporting or enhance your energy related initiatives, this webinar is for you.

Our experts will guide you through…
■ Comprehensive Energy and Sustainability Data Integration
■ Risk Mitigation with BI
■ Enhancing Proactivity and Efficiency with BI
■ Effective Communication of Sustainability Efforts

Who Should Watch?
Sustainability Managers, CFO’s, Data Analysts or any other professional seeking to simplify sustainability reporting, improve energy efficiency, and transform data into actionable insights.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Comprehensive Energy and Sustainability Data Integration: Explore how automated energy data collection combined with other crucial sustainability metrics can simplify creation of comprehensive reports.
  • Risk Mitigation with BI: Understand the dangers of manual data handling, such as human errors in Excel, and how BI tools can offer a unified version of the truth.
  • Enhancing Proactivity and Efficiency with BI: Discover how automating sustainability reporting allows businesses to pull data more frequently, leading to timely actions and adjustments throughout the year.
  • Effective Communication of Sustainability Efforts: Learn strategies for presenting a clear, accurate, and data-driven narrative of your sustainability efforts, ensuring that stakeholders, investors, and clients receive a consistent and impactful message.

This webinar aired 2023-09-25

Meet the speakers

Joel Torkelsson, Co-founder and Product Marketing Manager at Metry

Peter Westman, Consulting Manager at B3