Idun Real Estate Solutions

Idun is an IoT Operating System designed for and by real estate owners that are making the world’s buildings smarter faster. Powered by the data mapping capabilities of the open-source semantic language RealEstateCore, Idun ProptechOS enables you to unlock a host of smart building benefits. Like better sustainability, well-being, productivity, and business.

By leveraging the potential of your own building data you can facilitate better building utilization, new customer services, and more efficient building communications. Greater overall well-being and productivity that everybody benefits from.

Idun ProptechOS is a property Operating System for smart building owners. It’s the easiest way to get started using RealEstateCore and transforming your property portfolio into an application platform ready to optimize.

Free from reliance on proprietary systems, real estate owners can connect their smart buildings to a shared marketplace of development and a host of new services and possibilities on a far larger scale—including the latest applications for energy, certification, utilization, and communication.

Building information processing facilitates integration and enables scaling beyond one unique building. When two or more buildings share the same language and operational efficiency goals, they can work together to create even more value. Smart cities benefit surrounding communities and are net positive for the environment.