Our users are the most important part of Metry. Read about some of them below and how they are using Metry.


Why have you chosen to work with Metry?

For several reasons. It is incredibly important that we get the correct readings. When I first met Metry and got an idea of how it worked, how the values were collected and how easy it was, I was sold immediately. It was one of the best meetings I have had.

What are the benefits beyond ensuring the correct values are collected?

Time!  We have more than 1000 meters in total, Metry is collecting readings for just over 750 of those and it saves me a lot of time. I would say that I roughly save a day a month by letting Metry collect our readings.

Staffan Häggdahl

Energycontroller, Kungsleden

Why have you chosen to work with Metry?

We needed a partner in this changing industry and what Metry could offer was “spot on”. Just being able to collect tenants’ data and being able to share it is very useful for us.

Are there any other benefits?

We do a lot of environmental work and quality assure all our deliveries . We have had considerable success in this area and we are now 47 percent below the industry average in terms of energy consumption. The tools and facilities that Metry provides helps us reach our goals.

Göran Längheim

System-manager IT, Vasakronan

Why have you chosen to work with Metry?

We wanted to streamline our administrative tasks, particularly reducing the amount of work required of our technicians when collecting energy data, so they can instead devote their time to improving energy efficiency. Simply put it’s about having the right resources in the right place.

Are there any other benefits?

That we now get accurate values more frequently.

How has that worked so far?

We have been using Metry for over a year and a half now, and we can say that we have been in the implementation phase until now. But I think it’s working really well.

Reza Yazdi

Energy - and sustainability manager, Rikshem

Why have you chosen to work with Metry?

As we are a big company with a large property portfolio, we need to take energy monitoring seriously. We want to be able to monitor one hundred percent of the properties in one system so that everything is in one place. We have therefore chosen Metry combined with Vitec Energy Monitoring.

Are there any other benefits?

The main advantages of Metry is that we now have access to the right information faster than before and that we can more easily identify excessive energy use, which simplifies monitoring and saves time. There are other positives as well such as the availability and quality of support.  The staff at Metry are easy to get hold of, regardless if they are staff sitting on a train or manning a stand at a tradeshow, they always respond quickly . The Metry portal is easy to understand and use with a simple interface, and this permeates through the whole company.

What do you see as the next step in your development together with Metry?

Anything that simplifies and saves time is good. It’s the speed we want to get up, billing (charging) of sub-meters, the analysis of a value, etc. It would have been interesting to have this on Metry’s Marketplace.

Richard Wahlberg

Energy - and technology manager, Catena