Cloud-based solutions VS manual methods in energy and sustainability data management

What are the advantages of cloud-based solutions over the manual methods in data management? We’ll give you 6 good reasons to ditch the spreadsheets of yesteryears.

The need to switch from manual methods to digital tools is not new, but it has become even more pressing given the surge in mandated sustainability disclosure. Companies are grappling with challenges related to collecting, managing, and analysing the data and environmental KPIs demanded by new reporting regulations, and manual methods just won’t cut it anymore. There’s no more time to waste putting off digital transformation. 

So let’s talk about the benefits of leaving the old spreadsheets behind, and embracing technology. 

1) Access to data

The Power of Timely Information

Unlike the scattered and manually updated spreadsheets of yesteryears, cloud-based platforms offer a centralised hub for all your data. With this approach, stakeholders can access the latest information anytime, anywhere. 

This instant access is your secret weapon for monitoring performance trends, uncovering long-term opportunities, and catching data anomalies in the act. Armed with granular data, your organisation can set and steer data-driven goals with unmatched precision.

2)  Reliable data for less dough

Say goodbye to human errors and expenses

While spreadsheets may seem cost-effective initially, the expenses associated with managing multiple sheets, manual data entry, and traditional consultancy fees can accumulate over time. 

Manually entering data into spreadsheets is not only costly and time-consuming, but it also opens the door for human errors. By automating processes for data collection, you also reduce the potential for mistakes (like a not-so-pro user of Excel accidentally feeding incorrectly formatted data into your spreadsheet…) and ensuring data quality. 

3) Improved data security

Protecting your valuable information

Security is paramount in today’s digital landscape. Cloud solutions come with advanced security features that safeguard your data from cyber threats. In contrast, traditional methods come with risks such as physical document misplacement and data corruption (yet another way that human errors can take shape). 

4) Scalability

Grow as you go

Whether you’re a commercial retailer, a government entity, a healthcare institution, or any other organisation, the right SaaS (Software as a Service) solution can easily scale to meet your requirements. Traditional spreadsheet methods often buckle under the weight of expanding data (have you experienced the scrolling fatigue that kicks in at +four-digit rows…?), while cloud-based systems are designed to handle growth and new reporting demands effortlessly.

5) Remove data silos

Have one source of truth for your data

In the realm of sustainability and energy management, collaboration is vital. Cloud platforms facilitate real-time collaboration, eliminating the need for unbearably long email threads and locally stored data files. With data all in one place, you have one source of truth – and an easier way of making collective decisions based on shared insights. This structured access, that spreads across departments, helps with continuous tracking, monitoring, and reporting, enhancing the efficiency of energy and sustainability initiatives.

6) Freedom to integrate

Create your own sustainability tech ecosystem

Integrating with various software and systems is one of the major benefits of using cloud-based technologies, as it provides a holistic view of your organisation’s sustainability metrics. While it might be possible to import your data-packed spreadsheets into the system of your choice, it’s not a scalable and secure solution; if anything in your raw data is updated, added or removed, you’ll have to repeat the process …and if you’ve imported that data into multiple systems, you have an even bigger bonus task on your table. 

With a cloud-based data collection system, you can build your own tech ecosystem – you’ll have one source of truth, and the data generated there will be mirrored in every system you connect. To truly reap the benefits of cloud platforms, look for a solution that makes exports and integrations easy. 

We’re here to help you access you energy data 

The demand for detailed and diverse ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) data is rising steadily, and the global drive towards sustainability has never been more critical. Technology is the key to achieving these objectives.

With Metry, you get a system that can help you collect the energy data you need for improved efficiency and more accurate ESG reporting. The data you collect with Metry is quality assured and fully traceable, and it can easily be used in any ESG reporting platform, or energy management system of your choice. 

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