Use your data in the invoicing system of your choice. With no unnecessary manual entry.

Export to your invoicing system

Metry offers an open and independent solution for individual metering and debiting (IMD). Connect your meters to apartments or facilities and automatically export the correct document into your invoicing system, and present it directly to your tenants.


Reduce the number of faulty invoices

Smart alarm stops mailings to the invoicing system before faulty invoices are sent out.

Minimize administration

Automate your data handling to create invoices and reduce your administration.


Regardless of meter

Works no matter what meter infrastructure your properties have.

Choose who will have operational responsibility

Choose to handle operations yourself or let Metry or another external player take operational responsibility for your invoicing.

Upload your meters

Upload your meters directly from the DDC or Gateway and get an overview of your data. Read more about how to collect sub-meters here.

Match your meter points

Match your meter points with objects and tenants. Create your facilities/apartments yourself at Metry or connect your customer management system directly for automatic matching.

Invoicing system

If you do not currently use an invoicing system, you can use one with complete integration with Metry. For example, you can integrate with the cloud service Fortnox for invoicing.