Energy management

Spend more time on analysis and less time on energy data.

The right data in the right place

Collect your energy statistics in one place and integrate your data easily with the market’s leading system for energy management, sustainability reporting, Business Analytics (BA) or energy screens.

By letting Metry manage your energy data, you can be free from administration, allowing you to optimize your time and focus on energy-saving measures for your operation instead.


Trust your data

Metry actively works to quality-assure your data.


Uniform structure for quality assurance

Correction and interpolation of your data according to a uniform set of rules.

Maximize energy management

Energy management services require the right type of data in order to function well.


Same data regardless of area of application

With a uniform data warehouse, you know that you are using the same data, despite different interfaces and areas of application.

Clear interface for your data

Portal for energy data presents which information is available at each moment in real time.

Historic data are imported and available immediately

Automatically import historic energy usage data for your energy management.

The right data in your systems

Metry offers integration with several systems for monitoring and reporting. For the services that are not available on the Metry portal, we can help you create export formats that are sent to your system specifically.

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