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The volume of data generated by smart buildings has accelerated rapidly during the past five years. The data, produced by a mix of complex building automation systems, is aimed at making buildings more sustainable and profitable. In short, sustainability has become a business.

The energy-saving potential is far from reached

United Nations state that with existing technology, buildings worldwide could reduce their energy consumption with 30-80%. What’s stopping the industry is obviously not the amount of generated data, but a lack of structure, aggregation and transparency. Today’s scattered and silo-located data makes AI driven energy efficiency impossible to apply. Additionally, it makes large-scale reporting complicated, affecting anyone working with budgeting, sustainability reports, billing and energy tax reductions.

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Increasing Complexity

Meanwhile, the utility providers are suffering from diminished demand for energy, but increased demand for flexibility when more building become micro-producers of energy. As a result, building owners start to see more complicated pricing models, causing a building’s cumulative cost of operations challenging to forecast.

The Future is Digital

In a world of AI-driven energy management and close to self-sustainable buildings, Metry is the #1 global aggregator of energy data. We collect data from any hardware and utility provider worldwide while providing seamless integrations with every applicable energy-data-driven-system or stakeholder. We are the tool where smart energy stakeholders keep meter infrastructure, monitors responsibilities and collaborates to ensure data quality and structure based on applicable standards or requirements.

Game on.

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