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Metry takes care of all collection, weighted annual averages, meter reading admin and calculation of key performance indicators so you can focus on your services.

Speed Up Development

Back-end-as-a-Service lets you save up to 70% in development time by avoiding meter reading management.

Focus And Grow

Metry takes care of all collection and meter reading admin so you can focus on your services.

Store Data

Store data in Metry and make it accessible to your service only. You choose how the information is presented.

Gather Your Customers’ Energy Data in One place

We have ready-made integrations to an abundance of energy companies and sub-metering systems. Let us collect and quality assure your customers’ energy data so that you can retrieve it in a uniform manner regardless of data source.

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On the integrations page, you gain exposure to property companies who already use Metry.

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Tree Structure and Weather Normalisation Data

Organise your meters like a tree structure and use Metry to summarise readings node by node. You also get calculated and weighted normalised values for every meter. Metry calculates based on percentage water use and energy index factors and provides ready-to-use data.

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