Utility Data

Collect data from customer pages, invoices, FTP servers and M-bus meters and structure all data related to your energy consumption.

Service Agreements Included

Our service level agreement provides you with a monthly collection report and a status update for your facilities and meters.

Redundant Collection

Collect from multiple sources in parallel to increases reliability and reduces the number of data gaps.

Hourly Readings

Collect hourly values ​​for electricity, heating and cooling.

Customer pages

Automatically collect network subscriptions, including history - regardless of utility. Metry's robots collect energy data directly from the energy company's customer side. This means that you do not have to log in and retrieve the values ​​manually every month, and the robots will do so.

Illustrated black and red robots collecting dots

File Imports

If your utility provider lacks customer pages, you can supplement your data collection with file import. Metry supports all commonly used formats, and can receive data via EDIEL, FTP, HTTP and SMTP.

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Manual App

Som meters still work in the old fashion way and data collection via customer pages or file import is not possible. In the Metry app you can easily assign responsibilities, set a time window for collection and geo-position all meters to make the collection round a piece of cake.

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