Sub-Metering and Billing

Collect data from all types of meters, control and monitor systems, sensors and tenant meters. Integrate to create invoices and simplify the billing process.

Be on Top of Your Data

Lucid interface with automatic alarms and interpolation for missing or incorrect data. We guarantee better quality readings.

For all Meters

Let us make reading collections from submeters easy for you. We handle integration for you.

Create Your Own Context

Structure and name your data in a uniform manner to enable easier use in external systems such as billing, energy monitoring and machine-learning.

Better Quality in Collected Data

Using Metry to read all your submeters provides you with a standardised data collection method. Take advantage of automatic monitoring of improbable readings, meter changes and alarms for missing data. You also get help with interpolation.

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Use Data on Your Own Terms

Total freedom to use collected data. Connects to BI, machine-learning or other technology to reach new heights in your energy management.

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For Billing

Integrate your data directly into your billing system to reduce administration linked to invoicing.

For Tenants

Connect your meters to Metry and integrate with your dedicated tenant customer pages or other services for greater energy consumption transparency.

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