We have experience with all types of data collections. It doesn’t matter if you need data from your energy company, IMD-system or tenant – we can collect it. You can even make your energy readings available for your tenants or for billing.


Utility data

Collections of energy data from energy and water utility-companies.



Data collection and validation in real-time from your submetering infrastructure.

Manual collection

A mobile app to manually enter readings from off-line meters.


Use Metry to collect your customer’s energy data.

Tenant services

Make your submeters available to tenants through the web, apps and third party services.

Billing through Fortnox

Connect Metry to Fortnox and bill tenants for their actual energy usage.

Utility data

A lot can go wrong when you collect your utility data. The Utility Data feature gives you a great overview of all your meters, you can see which meters have been added and if any have been removed. With the Utility data feature you can let Metry take care of collecting your energy data so you can focus your time and effort on using it!

This feature is suitable for: people working as an energy controller, sustainability manager or property manager.


Installing submetering is becoming increasingly common. The benefits are many and can help to reduce your energy consumption. However it is a demanding and time intensive process for property managers if they undertake all administration and data validation themselves. In average two percent of all submeter readings fail every month, if these errors are not identified and resolved this leads to invalid data and insufficient information for working with energy efficiency.

The Submetering feature is a dedicated system which is developed to simplify the management of submeters. Get accurate data, control automatic data validation, get help to identify any errors on your meter’s through warnings

If you are considering installing additional submetering Metry works closely with various partners and can offer you standard packages for hardware, data collection and analysis with different BEMS.

The Submetering product is suitable for customers who for example: have a lot of submeters to manage and are working as an energy controller, sustainability manager or property manager.


Manual data collection

This product is for those of you that have off-line meters that you need to read manually. Instead of writing down measurements on paper you can download our app and record the readings directly to your phone or tablet.

You can easily add or remove meters that require manual data collection and the app learns the order of your route. Data is even recorded when the app is offline.

This product is suitable for users who have one or more meters that are read manually.


The Management Portal is useful for those of you that want to collect your data from a third party.

Through the Management Portal, you can easily collect statistics from third party energy users and get a clear overview of all the accounts that you manage and the data collected from each of your third party users.

This product is suitable those of you who: works as energy consultants and want to track your customer’s energy consumption. It also suitable if you are a property owner and want to collect your tenant’s energy consumption data or a property facility manager who manages energy for their real estate customers.

Tenant Services

Many property owners take on the responsibility of helping their tenants save energy by offering them energy services. At the same time a lot of tenants wish to get information about their energy use to perform their own analyses. Both residential and commercial property owners have a need to easily share energy information with their tenants.

With Metry’s Tenant Service property owners can get an overview of all their tenants at Metry and their associated data. Every tenant gets an account at Metry and the property manager can offer new smart energy services directly to them.

This product is suitable for all property managers that wants to improve communication with their tennants.

fortnox logo

Invoicing via Fortnox

Based on the Tenant Services feature, described above, you can add billings as a service. After setting up a structure for your tenants and collecting their energy data with Metry it’s a simple step to integrate this information with an external cloud-based billing system.

An example of this is Metry’s integration with Fortnox, which makes it possible for users on Metry to connect their customer’s energy usage data on Metry with Fortnox for billing.

This product is suitable for those who are looking for an easy and affordable way to bill tenants.