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Cost collection from your utility invoice

Gain full insight of how your costs for energy correlates with your energy usage. Metry offers collection of data for all your energy costs by automatically reading off information from your PDF invoices or importing files from your billing system.

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Why do you need cost data?

How we use energy in the new smart grid is changing and this creates an increasing need for power in our grids. To handle this, utility companies are constantly changing the tariff models in order to create incentives for users to decrease power peaks.

This means that the way we pay for energy is changing and it´s no longer only the number of kilowatt hours that affects the energy invoice. Therefore we need a deeper understanding of what constitutes our invoice in order to not only save energy, but also save costs.

To create better insights for our users, Metry has created a system to collect, store and categorize your energy cost data.

Interpret specific cost items

By collecting your energy cost data and categorizing this into different cost items you will be able to create new insights of what, when and why you pay a specific amount. What are your costs for power peaks? What was the return financially for a specific energy efficiency investment or what should the budget for energy be the next period?

With structured cost data in combination with data from your energy consumption you will be able to shift focus from saving kilowatt hours to saving money by analysing what, when and why you are being charged for your energy.


As with all data stored in Metry, cost data is also available via our web based API. This means that you can easily start using your data from day one or integrate into a third party system of your choice. If you don’t have any specific system where you want your data integrated, Metry can always help by building customer specific Excel-reports for you to build on, or integrate to a separate system.

How we collect the data

Metry can collect cost data from files, via your invoicing system or directly from the utility companies customer pages. From customer pages Metry automatically collects PDF invoices that are available and reads off the information using machine learning. Therefore the system is learning and for every invoice that is read the algorithm improves its ability to interpret your invoices.

Metry can deliver your cost items separately row by row from the invoice or categorized according to predefined categories, this will make it easier for you to use the data in the way you want.

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