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When you visit metry.io, we ask you to give your consent to the use of cookies.

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer. You decide how your computer handles cookies in your browser settings.

We use both first-party and third-party cookies. Some cookies placed on your computer are automatically deleted when you leave our site (session cookies), while others remain for up to two years on your computer in order for the site to recognise you if you return (permanent cookies).

We do not save IP addresses and therefore the information can never be linked to your identity.

We Use Cookies To…

  • … improve the site and facilitate its use.
  • … follow up and streamline sales and marketing activities.
  • … use Google Analytics to collect statistics on how visitors progress on the site.

How To Avoid Google Analytics

If you do not want your visits to our site to appear in the statistics, you can install an add-on in your browser. The extension is available for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

How To Avoid Cookies

If you do not want any cookies to be saved on your computer at all, you can block cookies from third parties and advertisers in your browser settings. Some types of cookies, such as cookies related to languages, are still stored in your computer. However, avoiding cookies completely can restrict your experience of the web.


If you have any questions, you are most welcome to contact us.