Utility company data

Let us take responsibility for the collection and quality of your energy statistics from your utility contracts. Gather all of your meters in one place, regardless of the energy company or utility.

Have a complete overview of your meters with unique functions at Metry


Access to your entire history in just a few minutes.

Automatic inventory

Automatically create a list of all your contracts.


New contracts in your portfolio will automatically appear in Metry.

Temporary meter points

Organize your temporary contracts and be notified by an alarm if they are not taken over/removed on time.

Collection report

Receive a collection report each month with a status update on your portfolio.


Set a geographic position for all of your contracts.

Hourly data

Collect and store your hourly data.

Redundant collection

Collect simultaneously from several sources, which increases reliability and reduces the number of gaps.

How does it work?

Collecting and structuring your utility company meters can be challenging. Metry helps you collect everything in several different ways and stores it all in one uniform platform.

Metry's mascot, so called "Rob Harvey", on transparent background that symbolize a robot that collects meta data.


Collect directly from the energy companies’ customer pages. Instead of manually logging in and obtaining data each month, you can automate collection from your utility companies’ customer pages with help from Metry.

This allows you to automatically collect your utility contracts, including history, regardless of the utility.

File imports

For utility companies that do not have customer pages or that offer additional data exports, we can supplement collection using files. We support all common formats and can accept data via EDIEL, FTP, HTTP and SMTP.

A MacBook laptop on a wooden table with female hands in focus and the laptop screen showing code.
A map of the world in grayscale.


Metry continuously develops new robots and constantly collects data from new file formats.

To see which ones are available right now, click the link and search for your municipality or your energy companies.

Manual collection

For mechanical meters that are offline, we offer an app that allows property technicians to enter measurements directly into their phone. To learn more about how the app works, you can read more here.

Two iPhone's that are showing Metry's app for manual collection of energy data.