Metering in properties is increasingly common. This may include automatic control techniques, different types of sensors, submetering or IMD. If you are considering how all this data can be collected and used, then Metry is the service for you.

Collect from DDCs

Simple set-up with preset integrations for well-known hardware.

Better quality

Automatic interpolation with identification of meter changes and incongruent data.

Use anywhere

Present to tenants, create invoices or export yourself via API or Excel.

We support well-known hardware

BASTEC logo in color


Elvaco logo in blue color

Elvaco M-Bus Gateway CMe3100

Piigab logo in red color

PiiGAB QuickLoop

…and many more. Contact for information about more variants for which Metry offers support.

Improved quality

Gathering all of your submeters via Metry gives you a standardized way to manage your data. Use automatic monitoring of incongruent data, meter changes and alarms for missing energy usage data. You will also have help with interpolation.

An illustrated picture showing how Metry automatically is monitoring incongruent data, meter changes and alarms for missing energy usage data.
A picture of automatic identification of meter errors in the Metry portal.

Automatic identification of meter errors

Metry can automatically identify meter changes and incongruent data before they are exported for invoicing, analysis or other monitoring tools.

Our smart system handles the errors and deviations which may occur:

  • Meter changes
  • New meters
  • Finished meters
  • Reversing meters
  • Incongruent data
  • Missing data
  • Conflicting readings

Examples of problems with summarized calculations

When (not if!) there are gaps, there are problems. The pictures show the three most common problems with summarized calculations.


Metry allows you to avoid gaps in your data. Automatic interpolation of gaps at the hourly level, while the portal has an alarm for long periods of missing data.

An illustrated picture showing the most common problems while using summarized calculations.
A print screen of the Metry portal showing an overview of your collected meters and energy usage.


You will have a clear overview of what energy usage data are collected and where data are missing. You can also sort out meters that are missing data in order to simplify error detection.

If you currently manage your submetering via file format, then this overview will simplify and reduce your administration in connection to data management.

Presentation and export opportunities

For tenants

The Marketplace offers complete services for both commercial and private tenants.

For invoicing

Integrate your submetering automatically with your invoicing system. Read more here.

Total freedom

Export data to whichever system and format you like via our JSON-API or Excel.