Manual collection

Use our app for manual collection directly from the meter.

Parallel metering

Support for parallel metering with multiple counters.


Guide for handling meter changes and smooth management of alternating meters.


Works offline

Offline support allows the app to function even without the internet.


Share responsibility

Share collection responsibility with administrators.


Automatic interpolation provides a thorough reading without you having to collect on exactly the first of the month.


Geopositioning on your meters simplifies your collection round.

Collection window

Set a range around the first of the month, where your administrators are expected to read the meters.


Reading via mobile phone

Some meters are still completely mechanical and therefore require an in-person visit in order to obtain the energy usage data.

Manual collection runs the risk of human-caused error. It is also important to coordinate collection so that everything is read at the right time, even if someone is sick or on vacation.

If you want to connect your mechanical meters, you can always click on to Meters/Collection devices.

If you are unable to connect your meters, you can use our smart app to manually enter measurements directly into your phone.

Add your manually read meters

Get started easily by adding your manually read meters to your Metry account.

Add one at a time or upload all of your manually read meters via Excel.

Monitor your collection via the portal

Our app for manual collection gives you an overview of how the collection is going.
You can also enter who is responsible for taking readings and set up a structure for who will collect from which meter.