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Integrate Metry-data to your BI-system

Add energy data to your BI reports and make better decisions for your properties. The structure in Metry makes it easy to match data for energy with other data types that you follow up within your business.

Keep track of what’s important to you

Collect high quality energy data that you can easily integrate into your BI system. Choose how often the data should be sent, create your own dashboards and keep track of what is important to you.

In Metry, you can build a structure that reflects your businesses, departments, buildings, premises, etc. and connect the right meter to the right object.

Add energy data to your BI reports

Develop with data from Metry

Developing and offering smart energy services should be easy. Metry takes care of all collection and meter reading admin so you can focus on creating smart services.

Our API is available for everyone and will help you develop new functions specific to your organisation.

Use Metrys open API to create smart services

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